On December 1st, multiple artists will be gathering online to do some live-drawing, to get people to donate to the Red Cross or Binifund to help out with Hurricane Sandy victims, and others.

Organizations like the Red Cross can do a lot more with money (bulk buys and special deals with companies) than any individual can. Collecting food and clothes is often more of a burden on their resources, because they have to sort, organize, and inspect what are essentially bulk, random, donations. And many times they get things they don.t need for certain areas. So your dollar contributions are always best for any disaster relief efforts.

Artist Charity Drive Key Points:

- The event will be held on December 1st. Hard to forget that!
- Join us at www.tinychat.com/webartistcharity/
- The very complicated rules: You donate to the Red Cross, you get a drawing!
- This is all about fun, charity, and hanging out! Chat, relax, learn, watch, donate, enjoy!

How to Donate and get your Drawing!


(1) You make a request
(2) Artist accepts
(3) The donation is made
(4) Artist draws
(5) Drawing is uploaded

1/2 . Artists who aren't working at the moment will be watching the chat. Talk with them about your request idea and if they.re game for it. Requests should be reasonable. NSFW content is not going to be streamed. Otherwise, let your imagination flow!

3 . Head to the Red Cross (http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations) or Binifund (http://binifund.org/donate/) and donate any amount! (The site's minimum is $10) Make sure you use their .In Honor Of. features, and use it to send an email (no need for Binifund's personalized notecard) to charity@910cmx.com, with your screen name, your artist, and your request, so we know it's from you.

4/5 . For Binifund, you.re done! The Moderator will announce the donation, and your artist will start! For the Red Cross, there's a delay before we can confirm, and we may need a screenshot of your donation receipt, but otherwise, you.re done and ready too!